Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get ata' my way!

When you grow up, don't become this guy.

Howdee Pat-na!

And some cowboys!


Don't mind this one.

And the chimps

Long Necks

Now here are some Giraffes

The film is coming

Some elephant character designs

Where are the brakes!!!

When a sketch starts to turn into something more than just a stupid doodle, you gotta just go with it, feel it, move with the paper. Whatever, guess who these two shmoes are. They startes out as dumb little sketches but I just couldn't stop.

Here are some Hobos

Here are some Hobos...

I'm back, I'm back

Sooo... I guess it's been some time since I updated this baby. Man I told myself this wouldn't happen. Ok, here's some new stuff. This one's a quick sketch I did on Photoshop one day.