Friday, October 7, 2011

Toronto for iPads

This was a design for my friend T.J. for a sticker he put on the back of his iPad. I was fun little sketch to do.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Better Now Together

My friend, Francois' band, Hello Kelly, will be be releasing their new album soon. It's called "Easy For You to Say" and it's a good one. On that album is a track I absolutely LOVE called "Better Now Together". The other day Francois emailed me and a bunch of his "artsy" pals to see if any of us could do an illustration or take a photo or whatever for the new the album. The idea was to have one new piece for each track on the album. I, due to my smarts and cunning, emailed Francois back promptly to claim my stake on the track "Better Now Together". As I have already explained that that was my favorite song on the album, I'd asume my selection was a no brainer.

I whipped this up one day, kind of as a joke. I told him I'd do another one that was less goofy, but Francois seemed to like it. I may do a less cartoony one anyway. Maybe.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get Projected not Rejected

This was a poster I did the other day, for my friend and band-mate Jay. He needed some help on a presentation he was working on for business school. He asked if I could help him with a presentation board that would help market an idea he and his group had. The idea ended up being a PSP with a mini projector built in. And you could play with friends at home using wireless controllers.

In the end they KILLED the presentation. Apparently Jay was cracking all kinds of jokes and stuff like a real wise-guy! Girls were swooning over him and guys were copying his hair style.

I just drew the pictures and came up with the slogan. Slogans are fun.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegetarianism vs. Lent

So, the season of Lent is upon us... actually it's been upon us for a little while now, and being the guilt ridden Catholic that I am, I find myself a faithful observer of the season. The tradition is to give up something or do something outside of your normal day to day living. The purpose of this is to prepare your heart for the coming of Easter. I normally give up junk food and sweet and greasy things... and normally I feel pretty good about myself. However, this year Nadine (who is not Catholic) wanted to do it too. This is her first time really doing Lent. So in support of me she decided to join me in the no junk food thing... but for some reason beyond the scope of my simple mind, she insisted we go a step further and give up meat as well. I would call her a "keener" but I know that she will most likely read this... so I'll refrain.

In the end, much to my tummy's sadness, this "No-Meat" Lent has been shaping up to be a pretty good experience. I guess it's doing what it's supposed to do... I am SO looking forward to Easter. So like the kid in class who would usually just sit back and watch (I was that kid), every so often the smart, keen girl helps you out and gets you to pay attention. I would say that it helps when the girls has a cute librarian thing going on... but I know Nadine's dad will most likely read this... so I'll refrain.


p.s. only 24 days left 'till Easter

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And a Yeti Christmas to You too!

How to make a gift... First, think of an idea that is personal to you and that you feel the recipient will appreciate. In this case I chose a yeti and a sled (obviously, who wouldn't). I did up a quick sketch to put my ideas down on paper (this is just one of many).

Next, you think of the process. How am I going to make this? In the end water colour paper, acrylic paint and scissors seemed to be the right technique... I guess. I suppose there was an element of "winging it".

Then, glue all the pieces down in the right place and this "Yeti on a Sled" is nearly done.
Just a few more touches.

In the end I added a rope to the sled and some skis with India Ink. I added some shading around the corners, some snow in the air, and some tracks from the sled zipping down the hill.

I gave this to Nadine for Christmas (2010). She liked it, so I guess I did it right :)

And that's the story of how how Yeti saved Christmas. Not too complicated, eh? The hardest part is always thinking of the idea... then, just do it.

Merry belated Christmas everyone,


Monday, January 17, 2011


This is a sketch did for a project I've been working on for a little while now. Ever since third year at Sheridan College I have been trying to come up with a short story that could fit in a one minute film. I have failed. The biggest problem with trying to tell a decent story in one minute or less is that it's really really hard. *Sigh, I mean unless you're some awesome comedian or some story just smacks you right in the brain it can be almost impossible.

Well I'm no (insert favorite comedian here) so I went with the Jiminy Cricket technique. I thought and thought and then finally, late at night (possibly looking at some stars) sitting on a bus on my way back to Toronto from Orillia, it hit me. A Yeti showing off to some rabbits through the means of extreme tobogganing... OBVIOUSLY! Am I right? Am I right?! Hilarious! At least it all works up in my head. Now I just have to get it all out on paper. I guess that's the other realy hard part.


Thursday, January 6, 2011



My pal Randeep got a job down at Blue Sky in the US. There was a going away party for him and at the party I did this installment of the Ongoing Saga of Matt and Randeep. The funny part about Deep's going away party was that due to a series of unfortunate events I actually saw him a few more times before he left. It's actually a funny story when he tells it... mostly because he isn't laughing. But also because he actually eventually got there, so it all worked out :)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Band Poster

My band will be playing at the Drake Hotel in Toronto and I thought I'd do a poster to help the event along :)