Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intensity in 10 Cities Tour Poster

Hello Kelly
and To Tell present
Intensity in 10 Cities
10 exclusive shows across Ontrio

March 2010

Here is the poster I did for the "Intensity in 10 Cities" tour, featuring Hello Kelly and To Tell. Hello Kelly asked me to do this poster and some other variations of it. They wanted it to be intense and stuff, with bombs or something. I decided on this Russian missile and to give it kinda like an old WWII/Cold War theme. Those were pretty intense moments in time and they possessed lots of cool silk screen, one colour posters. I like how it turned out.


New Hello Kelly tees

This are a couple t-shirt designs I did for my buddy Francois and his band Hello Kelly. They have a new album coming out this year and they'll be on tour in Ontario in the next month. Later they'll be off to the Eastern USA and after that Western Canada... they keep themselves moving. Anyway, I kinda liked these two so I thought I'd post them.

I'll post some more sketches soon, I just have to sort out the battle with my scanner... lame.

Have a great day!