Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Soap Family: Bro's and... ugh... Female Bros

Ok so it's been a while... again.
I did these two drawings a while ago but just never got around to posting them. They were inspired by a film I saw on Youtube one day called "Bro Rape". They went into some detail on what typically classifies one as a "bro". It turns out they tend to be people I don't have a great desire to be like. So with that short film still fresh in my mind, I found myself waiting for the rest of my band to show up to a gig we were playing here in Toronto, so I began to sketch out my impression of the quintessential "bro". A few days after completing that sketch, I decided that it's not fair to reserve the class of "ignorant, loud, horny, moron" to simply the male gender... even though we tend to excel at it. No, there must be a female equivalent. Enter the "chick".

I thought back to my days at Sheridan. If there was a place "chicks" resided in droves, it would be there. So after some careful meditation and planning, I proceeded to draw, what I felt, was the seminal version of what is to be called "the chick"... Or to be put more simply, the female "bro".

Now I don't want to say that everyone is a bro or a chick. I'm sure that if you read through the notes on the side of the pages you'll find a couple elements that would describe parts of your daily presentation to the world. Don't worry. Bro-ness or, for the fairer of the species, Chick-ness, is not one element here or there, but rather a collaboration of elements, assembled together to create a solid state of duche-baggery. To be made simply, if you regularly assemble (or even worse, put together an ensemble only on special occasions) with three or more of the articles listed in the images above, you are most likely a bro/chick... and I'm sorry but that includes, belly button rings (a recent addition though not listed above), and all other articles of clothing/accessory listed above that may be more of a permanent fixture.

And that makes me and many others sad... I'm sorry. But there is always help.

For clarification on the subject please feel free to follow this link.