Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And a Yeti Christmas to You too!

How to make a gift... First, think of an idea that is personal to you and that you feel the recipient will appreciate. In this case I chose a yeti and a sled (obviously, who wouldn't). I did up a quick sketch to put my ideas down on paper (this is just one of many).

Next, you think of the process. How am I going to make this? In the end water colour paper, acrylic paint and scissors seemed to be the right technique... I guess. I suppose there was an element of "winging it".

Then, glue all the pieces down in the right place and this "Yeti on a Sled" is nearly done.
Just a few more touches.

In the end I added a rope to the sled and some skis with India Ink. I added some shading around the corners, some snow in the air, and some tracks from the sled zipping down the hill.

I gave this to Nadine for Christmas (2010). She liked it, so I guess I did it right :)

And that's the story of how how Yeti saved Christmas. Not too complicated, eh? The hardest part is always thinking of the idea... then, just do it.

Merry belated Christmas everyone,



Nadine said...

Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

Matías Hannecke said...

Very cool process. Love the shapes on this character!