Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegetarianism vs. Lent

So, the season of Lent is upon us... actually it's been upon us for a little while now, and being the guilt ridden Catholic that I am, I find myself a faithful observer of the season. The tradition is to give up something or do something outside of your normal day to day living. The purpose of this is to prepare your heart for the coming of Easter. I normally give up junk food and sweet and greasy things... and normally I feel pretty good about myself. However, this year Nadine (who is not Catholic) wanted to do it too. This is her first time really doing Lent. So in support of me she decided to join me in the no junk food thing... but for some reason beyond the scope of my simple mind, she insisted we go a step further and give up meat as well. I would call her a "keener" but I know that she will most likely read this... so I'll refrain.

In the end, much to my tummy's sadness, this "No-Meat" Lent has been shaping up to be a pretty good experience. I guess it's doing what it's supposed to do... I am SO looking forward to Easter. So like the kid in class who would usually just sit back and watch (I was that kid), every so often the smart, keen girl helps you out and gets you to pay attention. I would say that it helps when the girls has a cute librarian thing going on... but I know Nadine's dad will most likely read this... so I'll refrain.


p.s. only 24 days left 'till Easter


AJ Martin said...

that's cute!

Freckles said...

Great Blog!!! Your drawings are AWESOME!