Monday, June 6, 2011

Better Now Together

My friend, Francois' band, Hello Kelly, will be be releasing their new album soon. It's called "Easy For You to Say" and it's a good one. On that album is a track I absolutely LOVE called "Better Now Together". The other day Francois emailed me and a bunch of his "artsy" pals to see if any of us could do an illustration or take a photo or whatever for the new the album. The idea was to have one new piece for each track on the album. I, due to my smarts and cunning, emailed Francois back promptly to claim my stake on the track "Better Now Together". As I have already explained that that was my favorite song on the album, I'd asume my selection was a no brainer.

I whipped this up one day, kind of as a joke. I told him I'd do another one that was less goofy, but Francois seemed to like it. I may do a less cartoony one anyway. Maybe.


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