Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Balloon Girl

Here's a sketch I did for the Chuck Gammage Animation Studio. It was an odd day of random events. Among all the stuff that went down on Wednesday, September 15th, (job delay, indie music label asked to meet with my band) I had a meeting with Chuck at around 11am. I thought I'd just be going in to say "hi" and see the new studio... but as I entered, I was greeted by Chuck.

"Hey Matt! You like doing designs and stuff right?"
"Yeah... what's up?"
"I need you to help us with some character designs for this project we've got going. Here's a desk. Sit down."
"umm, ok..."

It turned out that I'd spend the rest of the day doing characters sketches for The Royal Winter Fair at Chuck Gammage Animation. A fun and random day.

I've also got a bunch of work I did over the past few months over at Yowza Animation that I need to pick up. The plan is to post it over the next little bit! Hopefully more tomorrow!



Hello Kelly said...

I would pay money for a copy of this that I could hang on a wall. Just sayin' ...
Like, Christmas shopping heaven.

Also, I miss your musk.

nickwatson said...

nice place you have here.