Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Black Cat (Le Chat Noir)

These are some sketches I did while I had some free time here at the Guru Animation Studios. I guess I was thinking of the "Le Chat Noir" posters at the time. Cats are so great to draw because they're so stretchy and squishy and lazy. They can be fat, thin, stiff, smooth, whatever!

These are just doodles. I want to get some more finished stuff up soon. I have a pile of half finished stuff but there just hasn't been enough time to get it all done. That being said... I hear the little voice in my head reciting old Amway motivational tapes to me, saying, "Excuses are useless!"

Oh well, it's going to just be doodles for now. I'll be back soon!



Jiro said...

Stop doodling and get back to... uh, drawing!

Louis Boileau said...

Hey Matt, I love your stuff!