Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Celebrating our Kardashian

Dear Blog,

Yes, it is true, I am married. Recently in fact. On April 21, 2012 to be precise. And it was awesome.

The funny thing about marriage is that they it is usually preceded by a wedding. And the funny thing about weddings is that most wedding ceremonies have vows exchanged by the couple. These vows used to be very serious and important, maybe even more serious and important than the legal documents one signs shortly there after. In most cases these vows say something to the person you are about to marry, and to the people in attendance, that you will stay with, and love the person standing across from you "for as long as you both shall live".

Apparently talk is super cheap these days. Either that or people feel like marriage is the new "dating" and dating is just... boy/girl playtime? I suppose kind of like how a Graduate Degree is the new Undergraduate Degree, or how 30 is the new 20, or how hipsters are just the new emo-kids (oh come on people, you know it to be true, but that's a different post).

This all brings me to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. They got divorced after on their 72nd day of marriage... *blink *blink ... SEVENTY TWO DAYS! Come on people! I think U.S. Navy Seals go without sleep for longer than that! You know when they say, "don't hold your breath for that"? I could have held my breath for that! I think around seventy two days Nadine (my lovely wife) and I were still cleaning up the shattered glass and broken chairs from our last fight (a).

My point is that though it can be hard living with someone, especially if you're both stubborn, frist child, loud-mouths (in Nadine's and my case),  and that it takes more than seventy two days to be able to sort that stuff out. Ask ANY married person, I'll bet you a gazillion bucks that they'll agree with me.

Now as for Kim and Kris, there have been worse marriages in history, shorter marriages, more obvious to fail marriages... but the thing is, none of them made a TV show about it. And because of that, the Kardashian was born!

A married couple's Kardshian is a very special day. It can only happen once in a life time (ideally), and is simply a day to celebrate not getting divorced by your seventy second day into marriage. You can do whatever you want on that day, except get a divorce. You can go to the movies, eat ice cream, check out the museum, it's all good! Just celebrate the fact that you're better at marriage than Kim and Kris... which I guess can be encouraging. I figure, all couples fight, and many couples after a big fight can feel like "man, we're the worst couple EVER!" Well, don't get down on your selves kids, you're still not as bad as the infamous TV couple that spawned this glorious day! You are still not the worst! YAY!

Nadine and I went to High Park for brunch, ate outside, got some ice cream, and watched War of the Worlds, and then we didn't get divorced.

"YAY! We're not the worst! We're not the worst!"

We still argue from time to time. Sometimes voices get louder and tears may appear, but these incidents are becoming less and less frequent as we get more and more in tune with how we both operate. All of that Dr. Pill crap is right, marriage takes work and marriage takes time.

So newly married people, I invite and encourage you, on your seventy second day after saying "I do", celebrate the fact that you're working on it! It keeps getting better if you want it to keep getting better.

(a) - This post may include some dramatization/exaggeration (there was no literal broken glass or chairs mostly just broken feelings)

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